School ERP Software

School ERP software is a robust, time-tested educational ERP system integrated with the advanced modules to enable faculty & educators to digitize the daily work processes of educational institutions.

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Create Customize & Manipulate your school Fee on your own way along with Interactive Reporting for all your Schools Requirement.

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Comprehensive Input Form for Library Books Entry.

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Class Teacher

Attendance Automation for Students As Well As Employees

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Handling Leave Application for Employee(s) and Student(s).

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Multi-Warehouse Concept – If You Want To Declare Different Rooms As Different Warehouses For Better Inventory Management.

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Time Table

Attendance Automatically Uploaded To Web.

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ERP Software to Simplify School Management

A comprehensive set of features that allows your teachers to spend more time on student progress and teaching, allows parents to be more involved in their child's education, ensures improved resource availability for your students, enables your administrative staff to work smarter, and makes it easier for decision makers to find solutions to problems faster. Simply put, school management ERP with one dashboard with everything you need to manage your institute.

Artructure offers a school ERP software, teaching solution and a superior school management system. With LEAD School ERP, schools can now deliver uninterrupted excellent learning, both online and in-class using world-class teaching pedagogies to achieve high learning outcomes for every child. LEAD School is the only platform in India that delivers measurable results in English, Maths and Science through an integrated, data-based system.

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